Melancholic temperament traits

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Based on a temperament analysis profile, one could be assessed as
melancholy in inclusion, control or affection; melancholy in any
combination of these areas; or in all of them. A person who is melancholy
in all areas is called a Pure Melancholy.
In addition, one could be assessed as possessing a combination of
temperaments in any of these areas (inclusion, control and/or affection).
This is because each area has an expressed and actual desire.
Therefore one could be melancholy/phlegmatic in affection. This means
that one expresses as a melancholy but has an actual desire of a
phlegmatic in the area of affection.
The following traits are common in persons who are melancholy in
inclusion, control and affection;

  1. introverted, appear aloof
  2. loner
  3. strong-willed
  4. low self-esteem
  5. task-oriented
  6. perfectionist
  7. genius-prone
  8. artistic and creative

  1. private
  2. self controlled, need to appear in control
  3. good decision-maker
  4. good leadership potential
  5. can be rigid
  6. fear of failure and the unknown

  1. unemotional
  2. low self-esteem
  3. faithful and self-sacrificing
  4. vengeful
  5. prone to anger
  6. fear of rejection

Creation Therapy – Richard G Arno and Phyllis J Arno
A Temperament Theory of Personality Development – Arnold H
Buss and Robert Plowman

There are several typical traits commonly seen in persons with a
Melancholy temperament. Knowing about your own temperament
can significantly enhance your self understanding and your

The information above is to be used for general information only.
All personal and health care decisions are to be made in
consultation with the appropriate personnel.

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